Our Team

Ralph Severson

Consultant / Project Manager / Digital Marketing Master

Ralph SeversonFor Ralph Severson, putting your company’s online marketing plan into action isn’t work – it’s a fresh challenge.

Born to a military couple, Ralph saw much of the United States and quite a few other countries before his family settled in Louisville during his middle school years. He grew to love the area so much he returned after his own service in the Army. He and his wife have made their home here since 1984.

Even at an early age, Ralph showed the rare mix of creative talent and analytical thinking. He received his first education in architectural and mechanical engineering then went on to earn a degree in computer science and associates in accounting. Ralph held positions as an architectural engineer, human resources manager, graphic designer and a magazine publisher in conjunction with owning his own printing company – before he discovered his love of computers and graphic web design.

While his business cards might say he’s a Consultant/Project Manager, and Designer, the truth is that Ralph is the driving spirit behind GraphFX Media. Having successfully founded and managed a magazine, printing company and an advertising agency in the past, he knows how to move a business forward. He doesn’t see his role as providing websites or online marketing campaigns, but taking your vision, giving it the look and feel it deserves, and making sure you see a great return on investment. “To us,” he says, “relationships are what we are all about. We get to know our clients, personally, and their business. It makes the hard work we do, fun.  Spending time with our clients, giving them what they need, and seeing their profits go up… Relationships don’t get much better than that.”

When he’s not burning the midnight oil at the office, Ralph is usually listening to books on his iPod, or playing with one of the nearly three hundred board games in his collection. He also enjoys movies, live entertertainment, and riding his motorcycle. Ralph has many more interest and he'll share them with you on his blog (RalphSeverson.com).


Patrick Koch

Developer / Systems Administrator

Patrick KochPatrick was not really interested in computers until early 90’s when he decided to take apart his family’s computer, the day after the warranty expired. Through a series of rather tragic events, the computer motherboard ended up shorting out and had to be replaced. His parents told him that if he wanted a computer, he was going to have to fix it himself. He wiped out what little savings he had to buy a new motherboard. After a few days of tinkering, the computer was back up and running.

Years later, Patrick began working for his high school doing computer repair and some web design. Back then, MS Frontpage was the way to go for website design. However, his mentor and computer teacher told him he needed to learn the “old way” first, by designing HTML in notepad text documents.

Not long after, he partnered up with his best friend to start a small web design business designing websites for local businesses in his hometown. Patrick attended Indiana University Southeast’s computer science program. After getting a full time job, Patrick finished his degree online through Bellevue University.

Even before achieving his degree, Patrick held positions ranging from customer service specialist to programming analyst, developer and network administrator.


Jason Terry

Artist / Graphic Designer / Photographer

Jason TerryGrowing up, Jason had a interest in learning how things work.  He would often take things completely apart and put them back together again, just to see how they work. 

Jason's mother, being a artist herself, helped encourage Jason to explore his natural artistic ability.  At one point, his grandfather encouraged him by converting their utility room into a photography darkroom.   After high school, Jason attended SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. After a year of attendance, personal situations demanded his return to the Louisville, KY area. He worked in retail and then gained a postion as a Production Artist for a national help wanted advertising agency.

Recently, Jason's interest has reawakened. His love of art and design is once again coming to the forefront of his endevors.  He is currently attending Indiana University Southeast in the persuit of a B.F.A. in Graphic Design.


Matthew Aaron

Copy Writer

Matthew AaronAfter hundreds of online writing projects, it would be easy to assume Matthew Aaron had a love of words – but that’s only half of the truth. He sees his work as just one piece of the marketing puzzle. “Writing beautiful paragraphs is great,” he says, “but what I really care about is results. For any online copywriting project to be successful, it needs to be interesting and informative, very search engine friendly, and move readers to action all at the same time.”

Beyond his work for GraphFX Media, Matt has been published in dozens of magazines, and even written a book on online marketing, Content That Sells: How to Use Web Pages, Articles, Blogs, & Social Media to Boost Your Business Online.


Mark Reed


Mark ReedMark was in construction ever since he was big enough to swing a hammer. With his passion for building and fixing things when his brother upgraded his PC he gave the old one to Mark. Curiosity kicked in and as usual Mark started tinkering and it's been down hill ever since.

It wasn't long before Mark began working on the repair of PCs in all forms; hardware problems, software snafus, you name it - then it was off to do building web sites. And then he discovered Content Management Systems. Mark claims that there is nothing he can't get to work, at least not one he's found yet. "Bring it on!", Mark exclaims.

Specializes in content management systems and getting designs, templates, HTML code and style sheets working together harmoniously. From student to expert and highly appreciated teacher, that's Mark!