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Video is great for promoting your products or services, instructing your customers on how to use your products, and for having your customers give you, your products and/or services live reviews. Energetic, happy, smiling faces of your customers can be contageoius - this is a great way to win new customers!. 

Here are two videos. One is of a seed cleaning system manufactured and sold by Caudill Seed Companies and the other is of a Watsu® water message that Tsue French specializes in at Baptist Milestone. In Watsu®, you are floated through the water by a trained massage therapist. The warmth and support promotes a deep state of relaxation, decompresses joints and passively stretches muscles.

Seed Washer & SanitizerWatsu Water Message

On our Testimonials page is a video testimonial that J. Neal Sharpe, MD, FACS did for my x-partner and I a couple of years ago immediately following an afternoon of video taping Dr. Sharpe's walk-out video for his website which you can view on the Sharp Wound Care website at

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