Digital Marketing

Creative Writing

Getting found by your audience — it boils down to good creative writing.

Google’s search ranking algorithm is kept secret, but there are numerous techniques used successfully to obtain top rankings. These techniques include placement of search terms on Web site pages, placement of these same search terms when linking to Web site pages, and methods to make sure that a visitor searching for these terms finds rewarding content when a search engine arrives at a Web page. Creative writing is the most important constituent for optimizing a Web site because it incorporates all of these techniques. Creative content writing is not just stuffing keywords into a Web page for search engines, it is compelling writing which entices visitors to share and revisit your pages.

The first step in creative content writing is a thorough analysis of the most commonly searched keywords and phrases by Internet surfers. Focusing a Web site page upon a phrase which is heavily searched doesn’t mean to use this phrase in a repetitive manner. In fact, most of the popular search engines lower the ranking of a Web site with overstuffed keyword phrases. The keyword density is therefore important to creative content writing. Keyword phrases with low density will not result in high search engine rankings, while excessively used keywords with high page density can also result in low search engine placement. The use of just the right number of a keyword Creative Content Writingphrases, placed in a strategic manner on the Web page results in high rankings and is the real creative challenge of Web site content writing, because ultimately, the page is for the visitor, not the search engine. A page of perfectly written text can be ruined by awkwardly inserting keyword phrases for the sake of achieving higher search engine placement.

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